The Emerald triangle consists of three Northern California counties: Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties. These are where the best buds are grown in California. These counties have produced the kindest outdoor and indoor buds in California since the sixties. Come with us as we show the world how it’s done.

Wikipedia says this about the Emerald Triangle:

The Emerald Triangle is a region in Northern California, named as such due to it being the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States.

Growers have been cultivating Cannabis plants in this region since the 1960s, during San Francisco’s Summer of Love. Growing cannabis in the Emerald Triangle is considered a way of life, and the locals believe that everyone living in this region is either directly or indirectly reliant on the cannabis industry.

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Learning to grow cannabis is not easy. The expert and novice alike are always learning.  Join the grow forum and ask questions or share your knowledge. We can work together to teach the world how cannabis nugs are grown in the Emerald Triangle. The best California buds are what we treasure most, and the world looks to us to learn how to grow that same high-quality, high-thc cannabis.

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We’re fanatical growers. The Emerald Triangles secret are in the forum and the forum is a grassroots collaboration of volunteer growers. This space is a safe to ask questions, give advice, and show off your handy work.

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